State of the Art Diagnostic Testing

State of the Art Diagnostic TestingOur offices have some of the latest ophthalmic technology and offer the following specialized instrumentation. Our doctors will discuss these options with you to rule out or manage any ocular diseases.

  • Zeiss GDx VCC Tomography for the early diagnosis of glaucoma. A non invasive objective test that has a high degree of specificity to assure an accurate and immediate diagnosis.
  • Digital retinal imaging that reveals and documents retinal, vascular or neurologic disorders/disease, with the ability to reproduce and analyze the optic nerve head and vascular tree. Since this is a digital exam, the results may be stored, analyzed or transported/referred for further analysis.
  • State of the Art Diagnostic TestingUltrasound corneal pachymeter to evaluate corneal thickness to determine glaucoma suspects and candidates for laser refractive surgery.
  • Zeiss Visual Field Analyzer to monitor and evaluate glaucoma and other peripheral retinal or neurologic disease.
  • Anterior Segment Camera - biomicroscope that allows the doctor to evaluate and monitor disease in the cornea and anterior segment that may impact contact lens wear and possible surgical procedures.
  • Corneal topographers used in determining corneal disease and suitability for LASIK, contact lens wear and refractive surgical procedures.

We now have one of the latest advanced laser diagnostic tests to monitor for the earliest stages of glaucoma.

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