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Our doctors and technicians are trained in pediatric vision care, and we will take extra time examining and answering any questions and concerns regarding any vision related learning disabilities, amblyopia, and other disorders in the ocular or visual perception systems. We work closely with school administrators, pediatricians and others to take a multidisciplinary approach to maximize visual performance. We provide additional testing and therapy when indicated for children who manifest these problems. We have an enormous selection of eyewear and contact lenses that are oriented to kids that just don’t want to wear eyeglasses or feel uncomfortable about looking different. Our opticians are specially trained to make your children feel comfortable and look great in any vision correction including the newer, safer contact lens designs.

Pediatric and Senior EyeSome seniors will need extra time with their exam and the total eye care experience. We are there to assist in a non threatening and non confrontational manner to reassure these individuals and make everyone feel comfortable with the entire process. We have special light weight frames and lenses for older folks with sensitive skin problems. Our doctors are well trained in the care and treatment of geriatric vision issues including the treatment of cataracts, dry eye syndrome and possible low grade infections that seniors may encounter.

We also offer and prescribe low vision devices to maximize reading or television viewing for those that may suffer from impaired vision due to retinal or other ocular disease.

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We now have one of the latest advanced laser diagnostic tests to monitor for the earliest stages of glaucoma.

Our buyers are always updating and expanding our collection of exotic cutting edge frame styles from around the world.

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