Low Vision & Occupational Telescopes

Low Vision & Subnormal Vision DevicesWhen it comes to low vision examinations in Maryland, the eye care professionals at Doctors On Sight offer premium solutions. Our doctors offer low vision examinations for patients suffering from macular degeneration or other retinal diseases and dystrophies. In addition, we prescribe custom made microscopes, telescopes and other optical enhancing devices to maximize the visual system to allow for reading, driving and other visual tasks.

We also offer spectacle telescopes and microscopes for exacting occupational requirements of surgeons, dentists and others that need an enhanced view in a prescription lens format. Your source for low vision eye care in Maryland.

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We now have one of the latest advanced laser diagnostic tests to monitor for the earliest stages of glaucoma.

Our buyers are always updating and expanding our collection of exotic cutting edge frame styles from around the world.

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