Emergency Eye Care

When it comes to your eyes, any sudden changes in vision or eye injuries must be taken seriously. Avoiding medical attention can lead to vision loss. If you are experiencing an eye emergency we encourage you to contact 911, go to the nearest hospital emergency room, or during normal business hours, contact our office.

  • Waldorf - 301.843.1000
  • California - 301.863.2020
  • Prince Frederick - 410.535.6333
  • Bowie - 301.809.0000
  • Temple Hills - 301.423.1888
  • Germantown - 301.540.1200
  • Clinton - 301.868.9505
  • Vienna, VA - 703.506.0000
  • Fredericksburg, VA - 540.891.2020

There are two kinds of ocular emergencies that we see on a daily basis:

  • Medical eye emergencies, e.g. eye pain, redness, discharge, sudden loss of vision, perceived flashing lights or lightning bolts and/or sudden onset of floaters. - We diagnose and treat eye infections, abrasions, chemical burns, foreign bodies, corneal ulcers, allergies, inflammatory ocular disease and many other eye problems.
  • Ocular emergency that may require immediate attention is an optical emergency. -This is obviously not sight threatening, but it is a significant issue if you have lost or broken your glasses or have run out of contact lenses and cannot read or drive safely.

In a medical emergency you will be seen on an urgent ASAP basis, and for an optical emergency you will be seen that day and every attempt will be made to provide you with corrective eyewear without delay. Emergency Eye Care Maryland and Emergency Eye Care DC metro area.

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