Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Eye Care Washinton DC Are you seeking eye exams in the DC metro area? We perform comprehensive eye examinations utilizing the latest technology. All of our doctors will take time to listen to your concerns and carefully discuss your options. Our examinations include:

Eye Health Status: Internal and external structures of the eye are examined using slit lamp biomicroscopes, ophthalmoscopes and special lenses to enhance the anterior and posterior view of the eye. We routinely dilate pupils with eye drops for some of these tests, but it should not affect your driving.

Eye Care Washinton DC Refraction: This includes a series of tests to determine the need for a vision correction at distance or near, or a combination of both. Our doctors will determine the formula for the lens correction utilizing various instrumentation, but what is most important is that the final Rx is based on your visual comfort zone as well as how exactly you use your eyes and what specific tasks or leisure activities you will encounter to maximize your vision.

Binocular vision testing: We test and analyze your vision and eye muscle function to quantify your ability to use both eyes simultaneously to achieve stereoscopic, three dimensional vision with depth perception. These findings will influence your ability to judge distances when driving, engage in sports activities, and most important, your children’s ability to be able to maximize reading and near point skills to achieve the best overall academic performance. The doctor may recommend prescription lenses or vision therapy.

Tonometry: We screen all patients for glaucoma and this is one of several tests that are routinely performed to assess that risk. This includes a new generation of air puff test that is quiet and very gentle. In addition, the doctor may also perform Goldmann Tonometry, a non invasive tests that utilizes eye drops for a more definitive intraocular pressure reading.

Doctors On Sight® performs eye exams in the DC metro area including: Waldorf, California, Prince Frederick, Bowie, Marlow Heights, Germantown and Clinton, MD and Tysons Corner and Fredericksburg, VA.

We now have one of the latest advanced laser diagnostic tests to monitor for the earliest stages of glaucoma.

Our buyers are always updating and expanding our collection of exotic cutting edge frame styles from around the world.

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